Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms and it is not necessarily limited to physical assaults. Emotional abuse can rise to the level of domestic violence. You may be called derogatory names, be criticized for the way you do mundane chores, be blamed for everything that may go wrong in your household, be constantly yelled at and be humiliated before friends and family all of which could erupt into violent conduct. Repeated uninvited visits or phone calls may constitute harassment if you have attempted to stop the contact or calls. These examples of emotional abuse often lead to physical abuse.

In Arizona, you can obtain an Order of Protection is the person is a spouse or family member. If the offending person is a non-family member, you can obtain an Order Against Harassment. Either order can be obtained by going to a City Court, Justice Court or Superior Court in the State of Arizona. These orders are usually entered without the appearance of the offending person and most people obtain these orders without the use of a family law attorney. The offending spouse has the right to a hearing and may request one. If a hearing is requested, it is important that you obtain a family law attorney to represent your interest at the hearing. You could lose the order or Protection which would, once again, subject you to domestic violence.