Affidavit of Personal Property and Real Property

Affidavit of Personal Property

In some instances a deceased person’s probate estate is so modest that the assets can be passed to a beneficiary by the execution of a affidavit of personal property and affidavit of real property. If the value of all personal property (including cash, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, cars, jewelry and money owed to the decedent, minus all liens and encumbrances) does not exceed $50,000, then an “Affidavit of Collection of all Personal Property” can be executed to transfer the property to the beneficiaries.

Affidavit of Real Property

If the assessed value of real property in the decedent’s estate that is located in Arizona, less liens and encumbrances, does not exceed $75,000 and at least 6 months have passed since the death, you may be entitled to have the real estate transferred to you in a document entitled “Affidavit for Transfer of Title of Real Property”. Contact the attorneys to discuss how best to proceed.